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...We go from Moscow to Crimea, to Koktebel,
And righter: Gek-Tepe, or The Land of Blue Hills.
Nazim Himet.
"I found out that I love." 

      Koktebel....This word sounds to be french.In truth it's turkic origin. The great expert in toponymy of Crimea, professor Filonenko says:

  "The word Koktebel consists of three turkic words. The first is "kok" (that means blue).
The second is "tebe" (that means a top, a hill).
The third is "el" (the land, tribe, a family).And all together is "The Land Of Blue Peaks"

  A settle is situated on the southeastern coast of Crimea at the foot of volcanic mountain mass Kara-Dag.The accurate date of Koktebel's birth isn't known. A large medieval settle, that became a seaside commercial town, is known to have been situated on the territory of Koktebel. The valleys around Kara-Dag were always settled. We can know it with the help of bronze axes that were found near the mountain Svjataja.

  The landowner Eduard Yunge owned the whole Koktebel valley at the end of nineteenth century. It helped Koktebel to become a settle of science and artistic intellectuals. One of the first founders of Koktebel was Maximilian Voloshin. His house became a famous museum.

   Koktebel became famous all over the world with the help of the hill Uzun-Sirt (it means "long back").Thanks to unique ascending air flow Koktebel became a center of soviet gliding.

   A winery Koktebel is very famous. The vines and cognacs of this winery were always high-quality.

   Nowadays Koktebel is very popular among the fans of active rest. You can go to various excursions or visit night clubs or bars. International Jazz Festival, which developed a good reputation all over the world, takes place on the embankment of Koktebel every year. You'll get a great supply of good emotions after visiting Aqua Park in Koktebel. The dolphinarium is planned to be opened in future.

   By the evening you can see another Koktebel - night Koktebel. It's indescribable sight, fascinating aura! You find yourself in the stream of smiling people, romance and incredible feelings... You can see this all on the embankment of Koktebel. You can choose the club you like. Retro-discotheques, foam shows, dancing on the tables are held in club "Victor". You can hear modern music on Green-Beach. Maybe, you are one of those persons who say that they won't go to the place, where you have been to before. Believe me, you will!


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